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Jeff Mercado , 2021

francisco aviles pino is a Mexican writer and creative producer based in Los Angeles, California, whose work has appeared in Vogue, The Intercept, The Nation, Netflix, and HarperCollins.


They are currently a lecturer at the UCLA School of Art and Architecture where they teach creative writing and theatre, they are also a producer for an Adam Perez documentary project, and working on Film and TV Screenplays inspired by their family and their nonfiction work. They are also currently a senior fellow with the Art and Global Health Center at UCLA where they teach screenwriting and are developing three short films. 


Before working in creative nonfiction, Francisco worked as a Staff Community Organizer for the Orange County Congregation Community Organization for five years, where they supported numerous local to statewide campaigns and organized several intergenerational coalitions.


After immigrating alone as a child to Los Angeles, Francisco learned English in bilingual theatre with Bilingual Foundation Of the Arts and continued to act in productions in the Los Angeles Theatre, the Million Dollar Theatre, and most recently facilitated Theatre of the Oppressed workshops at the Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in Sylmar with Bryon Bain.


Born in Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico, and raised in Los Angeles and Anaheim, Francisco is a passionate observer who is always thinking and working through the intersections and conflicts between TV, Cinema, Fine Art, Documentary, Theatre, Participatory Research, Poetry, and Public Policy. They are an alum of the Macondo Writers Workshop, the NALAC Leadership Institute, The Poetry Foundation's Incubator Fellowship, the Center for Cultural Power's Disruptors Fellowship in Screenwriting, and UCLA.

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