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The Difference Between Latino Representation and Power essay on Latinx/ie Represenation for Latino Rebels

Silvia Rodriguez Vega forces us to listen to Immigrant Children in her new book   profile for Off the Page


Karen Bass, the First Black Woman to be elected as the Mayor of Los Angeles  profile for LA Taco

11-23-21_LA TACO_KAREN BASS_51533.jpeg

The Future of LA's City Council for The Appeal - Talked to the leading abolitionist & progressive candidates for LA City Council in the aftermath of the leaked audio.


Francisco with LA Mayor-Elect Karen Bass, by Brittany Bravo for LA Taco

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Courtesy of Hernandez's campaign


Co-Produced this Investigative podcast on the LA County Sheriff for Southern California Public Radio / LAist Studios

Profile of Adolfo Guzman Lopez  

For LAist, I profiled Adolfo Guzman Lopez, whose voice on the radio was one of the first times I heard a reporter using their name with Spanish pronunciation. It meant a lot to me at the time and I can't believe I get to call him a colleague now. The amazing Samanta Helou Hernandez made the portraits and photography for it! 


The Forgotten Revolutionary- 

Investigative Chicano Noir Show co-produced with Adolfo Guzman Lopez, Natalie Chudnosvky & James Chow, edited by Audrey Quinn & Executive Produced by Antonia Cereijido for Southern California Public Radio / LAist Studios 

Karen Bass, The Homegrown LA Mayoral Candidate

written with photos by Brittany Bravo for LA Taco

3 New Poems in the HarperCollins Collection

"Some Where We Are Human" Order Here 


Kevin De Leon Profile  written with photos by Brittany Bravo for LA Taco

The Legacy of Moshing in Los Angeles - for LA Taco

How LA Is Showing Up In Solidarity for The Haitian Refugees At The Texan-Mexican Border - for LA Taco 


LA County Residents Being Pushed Into The Desert - Written with Graphics by Jessy Castillo for The Appeal 

‘“Los Angeles Votes to Cancel Jail Like Contract, Adding National Momentum for Incarceration,” The Intercept. August 2019.

“Karla’s Poetry Is A Call to Home”  Chispa. January 2019.

“A Conversation With West Anaheim’s Poet, Jesus Cortez” Chispa. November 2018.

“This Xicana Indigenous Collective is the Past, Present & Future” Chispa. August 2018.

Live Events

"Trust Issues" Moderated panel with the Director Reva Santo - February 2022

Documentary & Editorial

Pandemic In The Heartland -

Currently in production with Adam Perez

Apple WWDC 2021 - Associate Producer

ACLU Campaigns - Series collaboration with Audrey Chan

Youth In Action Series - Produced with Noelly Mendoza for Brave New Films

Families Allege Harassment by LA County Sheriffs Deputies, a deeply reported piece for NPR's LAist Studios - Sat down with families in the early spring of 2022 who have lost their loved ones to the LA County Sheriffs' Department to talk about their ongoing lawsuits against the department where they argue there has been routine harassment from deputies. The episode starts with my first sit down with the Vazquez family who lost Marco Vazquez on October 6th 2019 and once they started organizing protests, a year later, sheriffs deputies began to show to their home unannounced. After my interviews, Frank Stoltze asked LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva about these allegations and argued that the families are paid activists. I mentioned these statements to the Vazquez family and got their responses on the record for this episode. Listen now. 


Hosted by Frank Stoltze, this is the fourth episode in a series I co-produced with Marina Peña, Emily Guerin Senior Produced, Meg Cramer and Paul Glickman Edited with J.Valle doing original music. Full credits on LAist


Altar for Marco Vazquez infront of the Vazquez home, April 2022, Photo by francisco aviles pino

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